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Welcome to the OTHER Foot Soccer School

East Lothian!


Take a moment to think about the foot you hardly ever use when you play football/soccer. You know the one we mean; the one that feels left out, unnoticed and undervalued as your self-confident, stronger foot passes, traps, shoots and scores its way to glory.


 Well, now your OTHER foot is being given an opportunity to take a step in the right or left direction, to at last show that it's just not for standing on.


Just imagine if your OTHER foot had the opportunities your stronger one has had. Would you be a more versatile player? Let's just say your OTHER foot improved by 10%.  Would you be a better player?  What if your OTHER foot improved on its present performance by 20%?  Would you be a better player?


What if that neglected OTHER foot improved by 30%, 50%, 70% or more.  Would you be an improved, more versatile player, able to contribute more effectively to overall team performance?  Of course the answer to all these questions is YES.

Now, for the first time ever, coaching classes are available that work specifically to improve the performance of your OTHER foot.


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